As soon as you log on to Leeway, the bell at the bottom left, next to your first name, informs you about unread events that concern you (change in the status of a project, progress of requests, new requests, signed document, etc.).

In addition to the notifications on the Leeway platform, you will receive the following notifications by e-mail:

  • ✉️ Requests

    • New request created

    • Review started

    • Request archived

    • Request Pending

    • Request processed

  • 💥 Activities

    • You have been added to a project

    • New mention in a project

    • New mention or answer in a comment

    • The signature workflow has been launched

    • New document imported

    • Document signed

    • Your approval is expected for a document

    • One of your documents has been approved

    • One of your documents has been rejected

    • A conversation has been resolved

    • A document has been sent by the other party

    • A document has been accepted by the other party

    • A new file has been imported by the other party

  • 🔔 Reminders

    • Automatic reminders before the start of the notice period

    • Alert on missing signed document

  • ✅ Tasks

    • Reminders of the day's tasks

    • Weekly task reminders (Monday)

    • Summary of the week's tasks (on Friday)

    • You have been assigned to a task

    • A task for which you are the author has been solved.

Set up the desired notifications

If you do not wish to be alerted for some of these scenarios, you can manage it easily. To do so, click on your name at the bottom of the left menu, then "My account".`

Then select the "Notifications" tab:

Once on the above page, you just have to uncheck the notifications you don't want to receive by email.

Changes are automatically saved ✅

You can change your mind at any time and recheck some notifications.

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