All review requests have been processed and the signing process has been started, but unfortunately, the documents were signed outside of Leeway (if you want to change that, take a look at our DocuSign integration and how to use it).

To move the project to signed status, you will therefore need to import the document, so that it can be accessed by other internal participating members.

To import the signed version, you have two possibilities:

Regular procedure

If the project has been managed on Leeway since the beginning, you will be able to import it from your project page.

As this project has already been signed outside of Leeway, choose the "Upload signed document" option then click in the import area, choose your file and click on the "Import the signed document" button to confirm.

In case of a massive import

You have imported projects from your existing fleet and wish to attach signed documents? From your repository, by clicking on the project in question, you will see the project preview pane.

If the project does not have a signed document, an import area will appear at the top of the page. Click on "Upload signed document", choose the document and click on "Import the signed document" to confirm the import.

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