As presented in this article, all the attributes you have created are automatically deployed to all your projects.

Once in a project, you will find 1️⃣ the Leeway basics attributes as well as your 2️⃣ custom attributes in the "About" column on the right side of the project page.

1️⃣ The basic Leeway attributes.

They are present in the "Dates and renewal" part of the "About" section and are as follows:

  • the signature date

  • the start date

  • the duration: fixed or indefinite

  • the end date

  • the notice period: value and duration (month or day)

  • the renewal of the contract: none or auto-renewal,

  • the duration of the renewal

  • the date on which your contract will be renewed (if you have indicated a renewal).

These attributes are systematically present in the record of each project; you do not need to create them, but only to complete them if you wish to follow these data for this project.

2️⃣ Custom attributes

Any attributes you have created yourself (How to create a custom attribute) are automatically deployed to every project in your Leeway repository.

These fields appear in the "⚡️ Custom Attributes" part of a project's "About" section.

To fill in these attributes and give them a value, simply click "Add" and click the "Enter" key on your keyboard, or simply click outside the field.

💡 You have the ability to choose which attributes to link to which models; this allows you to hide attributes that are not useful to you in tracking some projects.

To know how to link or hide an attribute, you can read this article, which describes the parameters of a template.

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