In order to sign your contracts faster and provide you with a fast and secure electronic signature experience, we have designed an integration with DocuSign, the leading e-Signature solution in the market.

Connect your DocuSign account to Leeway

To get started, go to the DocuSign integration page in your space: click on your name at the bottom left and then on My account > Integrations tabs.

Click on "Manage Integration" for DocuSign, then on "Install Integration" and connect your DocuSign account to Leeway. You will then be redirected to the DocuSign interface to log in.

As part of this integration, Leeway will ask you for access to two items:

  • The ability to create envelopes: simply to allow you to create your envelopes with 1 click from Leeway.

  • Extended access: to simplify your life and avoid having to log in every 24 hours.

Signing with DocuSign

Once logged in, you can sign any project with DocuSign. To do so, click on the "Sign" button of the version you wish to sign, and the modal for adding signatories will appear.

If the document signature is conditioned by a procedure, it will appear directly on the version.

Add the signatories to the contract. Leeway suggests you (as you can see on the picture below) signatories from internal collaborators and external members that were added to the project.

Once you've selected all the signatories, click on "Create DocuSign Envelope" ; you will be redirected to DocuSign to define the signature fields and send the envelope to the signatories.

If your counterparty has accepted the version for signature on their side before you started the process of signature, they will have been prompted to add the signatories of their company and their signatories will be visible in the add signatories modal.

Once the envelope creation is confirmed on Leeway, your DocuSign account will be irreversibly debited.

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