The document templates on Leeway are the foundation of your use of the platform. Well-configured document templates ensure optimal operation and a significant gain in efficiency for your team.

Creation of the template

To access them, click on "Templates" in the left menu, as shown in the image below:

Then click on "New Template" at the top right of the page to begin creating a document template.

Name the template.

Here are some examples to give you ideas: Sales contract, Supplier agreement, General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Full time contract, NDA etc.

Once the template has been named, in order for it to be usable by all members of your organization for their projects, it is necessary to click on "Publish Template" at the top right.

👆🏼 If you left the page and forgot to publish your template or don't want to publish your template right away, it is in drafts section (still in the "Templates" tab):

👆🏼 Note that templates that have a draft status cannot be used for a project and collaborators cannot access them. Only published templates can be used by you and all members of your organization when creating projects.

Template management

1- The document

The first element of a template is the document. This document can be used by anyone in your company when creating new projects.

Please refer to our dedicated article to know how to add a document from the "Document" tab of your template.

2- Workflows attached to the template

For each of your templates, you can define assignment, approval and archiving rules from the "Workflows" tab. To learn more, go to this explanatory sheet.

3- Template settings

In the "Settings" tab of your template, you will be able to choose whether to lock the edition of the document content to your team members when using this template for a project.

You can also choose which attributes you want to link to this template and order them. Thus, only the selected attributes will appear in the info section of the project.

You can change these settings whenever you want/need, from the Settings tab of your template.

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