✈️ How to send a version of the contract?

You have a version that suits you and you want to send it to the external party?

For that, 2 options.

From the version in question:

Open the version in question and click on the "Send" button at the top right of the top navigation. Add a note if you want to and confirm the sending.

From the activities or the Versions tab

Hover over the version in question and click on the "Send" button, add a note and confirm the sending.

👆🏼Note that the icon to the left of the sent version becomes an arrow going from right to left ⬅️.

Received versions have the arrow going the other way ➡️.

Unsent versions have a lock 🔓.

✅ An approval workflow is triggered?

If you have just clicked on "Send version to X" and a message like the one below is displayed, an approval procedure before sending has been set up by your admins.

To request the person's approval and send the contract to the counterparty, click on the "Request approval" button.

Once the sending has been approved by the approver in charge, you will be notified by email and in Leeway.

You can then go back into the project and send the contract as described above, by clicking on "Send to X", fill in the counterparty information if it has not already been done and then click on "Send version".

⚠️ Once the approval has been granted, the contract is not automatically sent. You have to go back and do the action to send it.

To find out how to add an external party, go here: Add an external party.

To find out how to add a colleague to collaborate with you, go here: Add a member of your team to the project.

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