At Leeway, we have developed a text editor to allow you to build your templates in the most flexible way possible. And we develop and add new features to our editor every week.

Here are just a few of those features, so you can have better-looking templates and contracts ✨

1) Text formatting

  • Font size

You have the possibility to change the font size, to format your template: 4 font sizes to make your titles, articles or important parts of your template stand out.

  • Text formatting

Like Word, the Leeway text editor allows you to justify your text, centre it, etc.

You can also bold, italicize, underline or highlight it.

  • Paragraphs and bullets

👉 The first symbol (above) allows you to insert bullets to create lists very easily.

👉 The second symbol (again above) allows you to create numbered lists, in several ways:

  • Classical: Insert numbered lists. Each time you add text after a "Classical" numbered list, the next "Classical" list you add will restart from 1.

  • Article: Insert titles "Article 1. Text", "Article 2. Text". And if you delete one of them, the rest are automatically updated. Great, isn't it?

  • Heading: Insert numbered lists, all along your document. This means you can add text and paragraphs in the middle and the list will continue and not restart from 1 when you continue. This is very useful to number article or paragraphs all along the whole document.

And for each of these options, you can vary the font size.

2) Add page breaks

This feature allows you to insert page breaks anywhere in your template.

You can be sure that your appendices, for example, will be on different pages.

3) Create tables

With this feature you can create and insert tables in your templates.

To add rows or columns to your table, click on the "+" that appear.

To delete rows or columns from your table, click on the small bins that appear.

To delete the entire table, while passing by the table, you just have to click on the main cross on the right of the table.

4) Insert pictures

You have diagrams, photos or images to insert into your templates? This is also possible with this feature.

Simply click on the "image" symbol and choose the image you want to insert.

That's it! Now it's your turn ✏️

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