As explained in our article dedicated to the creation of custom attributes, attributes allow you to track certain data and metrics in your contracts.

They are real variables that you can insert in your documents to create a form.

This is where the power of Leeway is revealed! In addition to being able to use attributes to filter your contract library, create views and reminders, you can insert them into your contract templates.

The insertion in the templates allows you to create a form with fields to be filled in, and therefore your operational staff can gain autonomy in the management of the project.

The external party to whom you send the document will know very easily what information they have to complete if they need to.

💡 To be able to insert one or more attributes into a template, you must have previously added a document to your template.

How to do it?

Inserting attributes into a model is done directly from the model in question.

To do this, go to the "Templates" tab and click to enter the template in which you wish to insert attributes.

There are 2 ways of inserting attributes in a template:

1. Place your cursor where you want to insert the attribute and click on the attribute symbol, as in the image below:

<a href=érer+attribut+dans+un+modèle.png"/>

2. Select a word or group of words, and the attribute symbol appears in the shortcut bar:

<a href=ÉRER+ATTRIBUT.png"/>

Once you have clicked on the attribute symbol (for both ways of insertion), a drop-down list appears with your existing attributes, those you have already created. You also have the option to create a new one from there.

<a href=’écran+2021-06-25+à+14.08.03.png"/>

Choose the desired attribute and insert it by clicking on it.

💡 The "Search" field allows you to search through the drop-down list to save time.

What are the advantages of inserting attributes in a template?

  • A form is generated when your teams use a template in which attributes are inserted. On a legal point of view, you gain control.

    👉🏼 Each inserted attribute has a corresponding field to fill in (as below):

  • The insertion of attributes also offers you the possibility of having the external party complete the form, the information to be completed is clear. You and your contracting party save time in the generation of the contract.

  • Automatic tracking of attribute values once the document is signed. No more manual entry of key contract information!

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