You have inserted attributes in your template to allow the generation of a form when your operational teams generate contracts from Leeway?

Leeway allows you to go even further with this new feature: assign the completion of attributes to your company or your counterparty.

The benefits?

Increased autonomy for your operational staff: they know what information they have to fill in themselves before sending it to the external party;

Better visibility: the fields to be filled in are clear for the contracting party, he only sees the fields he has to fill in;

A reduction in the number of round trips with the co-contractor and the risk of unexpected modifications by the co-contractor is avoided.

How to do it?

The assignment of the completion of the attributes is managed directly from the template document.

Go to the "Templates" section of the main menu and enter the relevant template.

The document in which you have inserted attributes is displayed. On the right-hand side of the attribute, there is a wheel ⚙️.

1️⃣ Click on the wheel to open the window where you can choose to which party you want to assign the completion of the field,

2️⃣ Choose to which party, your company or the counterparty, you want to assign the completion of the attribute.

The attribute appears in blue when the completion is assigned to your company (see above).

And it appears in yellow when the completion is assigned to the counterparty (see below):

And that's it! A good way to ensure that the counterparty will not be able to modify the information you have filled in 👌🏼.

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