You have created templates; you now have the possibility to set several things up for each template.

To do this, go to the "Templates" section of the main menu. Then open the desired template and go to the template's "Settings" tab.

To know how to manage procedures, it's in this article.

1️⃣ Lock the document edition

If you have added a document to your template, so that your entire organization has access to an up-to-date, self-controlled document, this paragraph is for you!

When you enable the document content to be locked internally, members who create a project from this template - and therefore from this document - will not be able to modify its content.

Only the attributes, if the template contains any, will be able to be filled in.

👍🏼 An excellent guarantee that your template will not be mistakenly modified internally before being sent to the counterparty!

2️⃣ Template access

This feature allows you to restrict the use of the template to one or more user groups.


If you have an important number of templates, setting this option will reduce the number of templates available to the teams concerned.

This means that they will have the choice of a small, but relevant, number of templates when creating a project.

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