Why do it?

Attributes allow you to track certain important data in your contracts. But not all attributes are relevant to all templates in your organization.

For example, attributes such as "Warranty Period" or "Liability Cap" will be relevant values to track for a supplier or customer contract, but will not be relevant for an HR contract.

Leeway therefore offers the ability to choose which attributes to deploy to which contract type, to which templates. To keep only the attributes you are interested in for each template, and focus on the essentials 💻

How to do it?

To link one or more attributes to a template, simply tick the attributes you want for this template in the "Linked attributes" section.

The unchecked attributes are in the "Hidden attributes" (see below).

You can therefore choose to check/uncheck attributes at any time to link them to the template.

All attributes linked to a template will thus appear in the "Custom Attributes" part of a project 👌🏼

⚠️ Keep two things in mind:

  • With each new attribute you create, remember to link it to the desired template(s), otherwise you will not be able to find it in a project's information and complete it.

  • After linking an attribute to a template, remember to refresh the page to ensure that the link is effective.

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