It's official! Leeway now allows you to manage your contract from its creation to its signature and all this directly on the platform 🥳

Our new Leeway native signature enables you and your collaborators to streamline the full contract workflow within one tool, without doing back and forth on a third-party tool.

The entire contractual process with the counterparty is managed in one unified and easy-to-use workspace.

The experience of managing your contracts becomes even more simplified, fluid and saves time for everyone.

💡 Leeway native signing is legally binding and complies with all legal requirements.

To learn more, you can read this article: What is the legal value of the Leeway native signature?

How to set up the Leeway signature?

Setting up and implementing the Leeway native signature is doable directly from your templates.

1️⃣ From the main menu on the left, go to the "Templates" tab. Then enter the selected template, which must of course at this stage contain a document that you have previously imported into the template.

On the left of your template, you will find a "Signatories" section (see below)

2️⃣ By clicking on this section, you will then be able to set up signatories and signature areas for each party:

  • your company (Leeway in our example below)

  • the counterparty.

3️⃣ For each of the parties, click on "Add a signatory".

👉 For your company, you will have the choice to add a signatory being of your organization's members in Leeway but if the signatory is not determined or is not always the same for this template, you can just Add a blank signatory.

👉 For the counterparty, simply click on "Add an blank signatory".

💡 The signature areas will automatically be added at the end of the template.

You can add as many signatories as you like.

If you want to add multiple signature areas for the same signatory, click on the "+" on the right side of the signatory.

To delete a signature area, click on the cross at the top right of the signature area.

To delete a signatory, hover over the defined signatory and click on the bin symbol 🗑.

That's it! The signatories are defined, and the signature zones are ready to be used for all contracts generated from this template 🎊

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