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Your counterparty has sent you back a version of the contract on which changes have been added and/or comments made. Below we explain how to deal with them.

1️⃣ Access the edited document

Once you have received the notification email letting you know that you have received a new version, this is the page you will arrive on:

👉 On retrouve l'onglet "Fichiers" (pour plus d'informations sur cet onglet et comment partager des fichiers relatifs au contrat via Leeway, rendez-vous dans cet article : Partager des fichiers.

👉 Vous avez aussi accès aux messages et notes envoyées par chacune des parties depuis l'onglet "Discussions" (Discuter avec le cocontractant)

👉 Le symbole éclair ⚡️ : c'est ici que vous retrouverez l'historique des suggestions, c'est-à-dire le détail des modifications que vous aviez proposées et ce qui a été accepté/refusé par l'autre partie. La transparence est de mise !

2️⃣ Review suggestions : accept or reject

In order to continue the negotiations, when you receive a new version amended by the other party and in which suggestions are therefore contained, here is the procedure to follow to deal with them:

  • First click on "Review X suggestions" (green button on the top right)

  • By clicking on it, you have 2 possibilities:

    • Review the suggestions made one by one: for each suggestion, you will have the possibility to accept or reject it.

    • Accept all suggestions at once: you have looked at the suggestions and they all suit you, this action allows you to process everything at once.

⚠️ The choice to process them one by one or to accept all suggestions is not reversible.

👉 Review suggestions one by one

Once this option is selected, you can process the suggestions one by one.

How to do this?

At the top of the document, you will find the number of suggestions to review and the progress of your review.

Click on a suggestion (they all appear on the right hand side of the document, where they were made).

Then, accept it or reject it :

Every action you take is recorded in the suggestion history on the left side.

👉 Accept all suggestions

To accept all suggestions at once, choose this option. All changes suggested by the co-contractor will then be accepted and saved in the suggestion history.

What happens next?

Once all the suggestions in the document have been processed, you can :

  • Add your own suggestions and/or comments in the text (to find out how to do this, you can read the article: Editing and commenting on the contract) and then send the version back to the counterparty, by clicking on "Send this version", or,

  • Directly send the version back by clicking on "Send this version".

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