[This feature is only available to members with an administrator role].

Is one of your staff members no longer interested in accessing Leeway or leaving the company? Here's how to remove them from your organization's membership.

Go to "Workspace Settings" by clicking on your company name at the top left of your main menu.

From the "Members" tab, you can access a list of all your employees who are members of the Leeway account.

Select the member in question, then click on "Delete Member" at the bottom right :

1️⃣ Copy the email address of the person to be deleted as shown in the delete window.

💡 This is a safety feature to avoid accidentally deleting members. If this does not work, remember to check that there is no extra space before or after the email.

2️⃣ Then choose a member to replace the one you are deleting. This will allow you to have continuity in the data and projects managed by the deleted member of the account.

3️⃣ Confirm the deletion.

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