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Invite members from your team to collaborate on the contract with you
Invite members from your team to collaborate on the contract with you

Learn how to add your collaborators to the project.

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Are several of you working on a contract?

Do you need the legal team, a member of the marketing team or a manager to review certain clauses or simply to be informed of the activity relating to the contract?

The project allows you to add your collaborators and invite them to participate in the project with you.

In this article, you will learn:

  • how to add a collaborator, and

  • how to delete a collaborator

👥 How do I add a collaborator to a project?

⚠️ Prerequisite: in order to add a collaborator as a project participant, they must have joined your organization on Leeway.

If they haven't yet, you can do so from the entity settings if you have an admin role or ask an admin to do so if you have a contributor role.

To add a member to the contract, open it and click on "Manage" on top corner right.

A side panel opens on the left side of the screen, from where you can manage both internal and external participants (if needed).

In your organization's section, place the mouse in the add bar and the list of members will appear.

Select a member and click on "Add a participant".

You can add as many members as you like.

💡 Good to know

Members added to the project will be notified that they have been added to the project and of project activities.

They will have access to all project features and will be able to edit the content of the project just as you.

They will finally receive reminders about the contract.

Only the organization's administrators and the creator/internal contact of the project can add participants to the project.

❌ Delete a project member

To remove a member from the project, go to the "Participants" panel, by clicking again on "Manage" on top corner right.

Hover the mouse over the member to be deleted, then click on the "...".

Then click on "Remove from project".

The collaborator you've just removed from the projects won't have access to it any more, and then won't be able to see it in his dashboard.

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