To find the contract you are looking for in Leeway, whether it is to look at the dates or main information or to view the signed contract, you have several options.

We'll explain them to you below 👇

1️⃣ Use the search bar

In the main menu on the left of your space, you will find a general search bar.

💡 Use the shortcut Ctrl+K (on PC) or Cmd+K (on Mac) to open the search bar.

From the search bar, you can find a contract with the project name/contract name or the counterparty name.

All results matching your search are displayed. Of course, you will only get results for projects and contracts that you have access to.

If you have found the project you were looking for, simply click on it.

Once you have selected and clicked on the project, it does not open immediately.

👉 Here you have the possibility to do 2 things:

1) Perform actions via the shortcuts available to you (open the project, copy the project link, add participants, view files, versions, tasks etc).

2) Consult the project and contract information (e.g. dates or custom attributes) or fill in missing project information.

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