With folders/subfolders in the repository, Leeway allows you to granularly manage members access to folders and contracts stored in these folders.

This access management can be done at a main folder level, but also at a sub-folder level for example, if you only want to give access to a sub-folder to members.

Grant access to a folder

To give access to a folder, first enter the folder by clicking on it.

Then click on the 3 dots "..." at the top right, and then on click on "Edit folder".

Here you can add individual members and/or groups to the folder.

💡 Make sure people have already signed up to your workspace to be able to access folders and contracts.

Confirm by clicking on "Save changes" at the bottom of the page ✅

💡 By adding groups or members to a folder, you give them read-only access to everything in that folder: contracts stored there, but also subfolders/sub-subfolders etc and the contracts that are stored in those subfolders.

⚙️ If you need to give edit rights on a projet/contract to a member, which includes filling attributes in the contract summary for ex, you need to add the member as a Participant.

Remove access to a folder

To remove a group or member's access to a folder/subfolder, the procedure is the same as for adding to a folder.

1) Click on the folder in question, then on the 3 dots "..." at the top right.

2) Click on "Edit the folder".

3) Here, by hovering over the name of a member or group, click on the cross that appears to the right of the name (see below).

4) Validate by clicking on "Save changes". ✅

By deleting a member or a group of members from a folder, they will no longer be able to access the folder from their repository, nor will they be able to access the contracts that are stored in the fodler to which they no longer have access to.

💡 Access to a contract is nevertheless kept when a member is a Participant in a contract. The contract will appear directly in the repository, as a single line.

👉 To find out how to add a member as a Participant to a contract, go here: Add an internal participant to a contract.

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