Your contract is tacitly renewed and you have chosen to terminate it? Here's how to set it to terminated to stop automatic renewals and reminders in Leeway.

Mark the contract as terminated

From the project, click on the "More" at the top right of the project.

Then click on "Mark as terminated".

Then enter the end date of the contract; this works even if it has not yet passed - the contract will then change to the status "Soon terminated" instead of "Renewed soon".

Confirm by clicking on "Terminate".

Restore a contract already marked as terminated

You've made a mistake or finally decided not to terminate the contract? Good news, you can restore the contract, in other words go back and "undo" the action of terminating the contract.

To do this, click on the "..." at the top right and then on "Restore this project".

The "Terminated" status disappears and your contract is restored to its original status.

💡 If your contract doesn't have any renewal period and is terminated because the end date has passed, you won't able to "Restore" it.

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