If you have contracts templates in French, English, Spanish, German...? 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸🇩🇪

You'd like your teams to be able to choose the template in the language they need when creating a new contract?

Leeway allows you to manage them all easily in one place: the template.

Add a new translation of a template

👉 For information, Leeway does not translate your documents. You need to have your own translation ready to import it in Leeway.

First, go in the "Templates" tab.

Enter the template for which you want to add a new language.

💡 If you haven't added any document/template, we explain how to do it here: Add a document to a template.

At the top of the document, you'll find a tab, indicating the current language of the template.

To add a new language, click on "+" next to the current tab.

Once you have done this, follow the steps:

1) Choose the language you're going to add from the drop-down menu

2) Add the file in the language you've selected (.docx format)

3) Once you've added the document, click on "Create document"

And voilà, you now have different tabs corresponding to and can easily go from one to another and set up them up the way you want ✅

👆 Please note that each version/language document is independent whereas the workflows and template settings are common to all templates versions.

Edit the settings of a version / Delete a version

Click on a tab among the languages of a template and click on "...".

From here, 2 options:

  • Settings: you can change the language of the current version. Click on "Save" to validate.

  • Delete this document: it will delete the version. Click on "Delete this document" to validate the deletion.

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