Leeway allows you to make public comments on the contract, so they are visible to everyone - your organisation and the counterparty, but also internal, private comments on the contract. These comments will therefore only be visible to members of your organisation who have access to the contract.

💬 Add a public comment on the contract

From the contract, select a word, a sentence, a paragraph depending on what you want to comment on. A black toolbar appears above the selected text. Click here on the comment symbol (bubble symbol) :

Write your comment, then click on "Post".

💡 By default, your comment will be public (the "Internal" box is not ticked by default), so it will be visible to all users - from your organisation as well as from the co-contractor side (see above). A yellow globe tag appears in the box of the comment (see below):

The text to which a comment has been added is highlighted in purple in the text and the comment is added in the "Open thread" section on the right.

To open the comment, click on it in the text or from the open threads. You will be able to reply and even mention participants in the contract.

☝️ If you can't mention anyone but yourself, consider adding participants to the contract, following this article: Adding your collaborators to the contract.

🔓 Add a private comment to the contract

To add a private comment - visible only to members of your organisation who have access to the contract, simply check the 'Private' box before posting your comment.

The comment will be private/internal when the box is coloured green, as below:

Once the comment is written, click on "Post" to validate ✅.

Same as for public comments, your private comment will be added to the "Open threads" accessible from the right of the screen.

You'll see a small locker for private comments, indicating you that they are private.

🗑 Delete a comment

To delete a comment, first open it by clicking on it.

Click on the bin at the top right of the comment. The comment is then deleted and disappears from Open threads window.

⚠️ Any deletion of a comment is definitive.

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