Set up the SAML integration with Azure
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If you're using Azure as your Identity Provider, please follow this guide to set up the SAML integration on your Leeway organization. Note that only an admin can configure this feature on Leeway.

STEP 1 - Create a custom app on AZURE

  • Go to Entreprise applications > Click on the button “New application”

  • Then click on the “Create your own application” button. You can choose the name of your app, “Leeway” for instance, and select the option “Integrate any other application you don’t find in the gallery”.

STEP 2 - Configure Basic SAML

Select the single sign-on method SAML, and then start the configuration of the Basic SAML.

Connect to your Leeway account to retrieve the SAML configuration data, Leeway > Integrations > SAML Authentication.

  • Copy the field Leeway Entity Identifier, and paste it to the field Identifier (Entity ID) of Azure.

  • Copy the field Leeway Callback URL and paste it to the fields Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) and Sign on URL of Azure.

STEP 3 - Attributes & Claims

The Claim name of the Unique User Identifier (Name ID) should be the user.mail.

Update the Source attribute accordingly.

STEP 4 - SAML Certificates

Now it is time to configure the SAML Certificates.

  • Copy the Login URL and paste it to the field Entrypoint of Leeway.

  • Copy the Azure AD Identifier and paste it to the field Issuer of Leeway

  • Download the Certificate Base 64, open it and paste the data in the field x509 certificate.

Don’t forget to save all your changes on Leeway!

Now, assign users or groups to whom you want to give access to the app! 🚀 And voilà, the configuration is done!

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