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Use artificial intelligence from the Leeway editor
Use artificial intelligence from the Leeway editor

Revolutionize the way you manage documents with our cutting-edge AI feature.

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Powered by OpenAI, Leeway transforms your contract management processes.

We currently offer our first feature, "Reformulate," which helps you rephrase sentences and paragraphs to improve their clarity, coherence, and overall readability.

Please note that while “Reformulate” is our current feature, we have more exciting improvements and features planned for the future, so stay tuned!

⚙️ How to activate OpenAI integration on Leeway ?(Administrator seat only)

  • To activate Open.AI integration on Leeway, click on "Integrations" at bottom left of your personal interface :

  • Then, in the "Integrations" section, under "OpenAI", click on "Manage integration".

  • Finally, click on "Activate this integration".

⚠️ For security reasons, the name of the administrator who has activated the integration is displayed, alongside with the activation date.

🪄 How to use OpenAI integration on Leeway?

We currently offer a feature, "Reformulate", which helps you reformulate sentences and paragraphs from within the editor to improve clarity, consistency and readability.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • From the Leeway editor, select a sentence or paragraph,

  • Click on "Ask AI" to (Choose the "reformulation tone")

    • Reformulate more strictly

    • Reformulate

    • Reformulate less strictly

  • Once you've chosen your reformulation tone, let the artificial intelligence analyze your text

  • Once the analysis is complete, it will suggest other formulations and sentence structures that you can use to improve your writing. You'll just have to choose what you want to do:

    • Accept

    • Retry

    • Cancel

⚠️ We take data privacy and security very seriously.

Your data and personal information are always kept confidential and secure, and we follow strict data protection and security protocols to ensure that your data is never compromised.
👉 Find here our documentation about this.

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