Editing a document before sending it from Leeway is a breeze with the simplified text editor.

Let's say you're in the middle of a negotiation, here are the editing options you'll find on the contract version you're working on.

⚠️ Once negotiations have started, only the formatting is editable at any time.

Any changes to the text will appear as a "suggestion".

💡Leeway tips: if you're not able to edit the text, but all you can do is filling the form, it's because the admins of your account have blocked the edition of the content of the contract. You won't have access the "Edit' mode and will automatically be in "Comment" mode.

Text formatting

The edit bar allows you to change the size and format (bold, italic, underlined, highlighted) of the font, add bullets and numbering and format the paragraphs.

To edit the formatting more quickly, select the text to be modified, and a simplified editing module appears above it, with the following options:

Finally, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to make these transformations faster:

  • Cmd/Ctrl + B** to change to Bold.

  • Cmd/Ctrl + I** to change to Italic.

  • Cmd/Ctrl + U** to set to Underline.

  • Cmd/Ctrl + H** to set to Highlighted

ℹ️ Find the list of shortcuts by clicking on the ⌨️ keyboard icon at the bottom right of the page.

Document layout

The editing bar also allows you to format your document and add different elements.

  • Leeway also offers you the ability to add images to your documents.

    How? By clicking on the image symbol in the edit bar, add an image anywhere in the document: directly in the body of the text or at the end to add some appendices, for example.

  • The "double parallel bars" symbol allows you to add a page break, wherever you want in the document.

  • You have the possibility to insert tables.

  • The symbol 💬 allows you to add comments: select the word or group of words and comment in the field that opens.

  • 👉 Get to know more about comments here: Add comments on the contract.

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