[This feature is restricted to the admins of the workspace].

In order to offer you maximum flexibility in the storage and organization of your contracts in your repository, Leeway allows you to create folders and sub-folders very easily.

Recreate in a few clicks the structure you had in your Drive, your Dropbox or your computer ! 🗂

Create a folder

To create a folder, first go to the repository from the main menu on the left.

Then click on "New folder" at the top corner right.

Name the folder and add the desired groups and/or members to give them access to this folder.

💡 Members added individually or via a group to a folder will have read-only access to all projects stored in the folder (unless they are a participant in one or more of those projects, in which case they have edit rights).

💡 By default, the creator of a folder is a member of the folder and will therefore have access to all projects stored in it. The creator of a folder is the owner of the folder and therefore cannot be removed from it.

Once you have entered the information, click on "Create this folder".

Create a subfolder

To create a sub-folder within a folder or even a sub-folder within a sub-folder etc, the procedure is the same. Just repeat the steps explained above.

You can create as many subfolders as you like.

Enter the folder in question, then click on "Create a folder" at the top corner right. Fill in the information of the sub-folder (name and members/groups) then validate by clicking on "Create folder".

🎛 For your information, members and/or groups who have access to a parent folder automatically have access to the sub-folder.

A sub-folder keeps the settings of its parent folder.

Edit or delete a folder/subfolder

  • Edit

You can edit the information of a folder or subfolder at any time by clicking on "..." at the top right, then "Edit the folder". Then click on "Save changes".

  • Delete

To delete a folder or a sub-folder, click on "..." at the top corner right, then "Delete folder".

⚠️ Projects stored in a deleted folder will be accessible to all and stored in the library and no longer in a specific folder.

Projects stored in a deleted sub-folder will be stored in the parent folder.

N.B.: Only your organization's administrators have the rights to create folders and sub-folders in the repository. Do not hesitate to contact them if necessary.

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