When using the DocuSign integration to sign contracts in Leeway, you can, directly from Leeway, add or select additional documents, attachments or files to be included in the DocuSign signature envelope that will be generated.

Once the contract is signed - and therefore the DocuSign signature envelope completed - all the files in the envelope will be merged in one single PDF signed via DocuSign, automatically stored into your repository.

🗂 How do I add documents to the signature envelope?

1- Start signing the contract in Leeway with DocuSign

Click on "Request Signature" once your contract is ready.

💡 Before doing so, you need to connect your DocuSign account to Leeway to sign as follows.

2- Add signatories

3- Add additional files to the main contract

Under the "Files to sign" section, you will find the main contract (the one from the Leeway text editor).

To add other documents and send them for signature via DocuSign, click on "Add files":

Here, two possibilities:

  • You have already added/shared documents/files during the negotiations - documents have already been imported into Leeway.

    👉 You can choose which ones you want to send for signature; to do this, tick the desired files. You can of course import more if you need to.

💙 Tips: tick the documents in the order you want them added after the contract in the signature envelope.

  • No additional files have been added in Leeway yet.

    👉 Now is the time to add them.

❌ How do I delete files?

Once the DocuSign envelope has been created via Leeway, you will not be able to delete any files. So remember to do this beforehand if you need to.

Before sending for signature, you can hover your mouse over the added files and click on the bin that appears to the right of the file in question. They won't be included in the signature envelope.

✅ Create the DocuSign envelope

Once all the documents have been added via the signature window in Leeway, the signature can be started.

To start creating the envelope, simply click on "Send for Signature" at the bottom right.

You are then redirected to DocuSign to place the signature fields, initials or other. You'll find all the documents you've added in Leeway one after the other in DocuSign.

What's next?

👀 Then track the signature progress directly in Leeway, in the contract workspace.

✍️ Once the signature envelope is completed, you will find in Leeway and in your repository: the signed contract in PDF format, including the main contract and any files you may have added to it and the signature date automatically filled in the contract summary sheet.

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